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April 25 2018




















the funniest thing in the entire pirates of the caribbean series is definitely that one scene in At World’s End where they have parlay but davy jones is part of it, and rather than have him stand in the shallows or something they get a big bucket of water and have in stand on it on shore

who thought of that idea? who thought “put davy jones in a bucket of water” and had the guts to suggest it aloud? and then who went “hey that sounds like a great idea!”

at some point someone told davy jones their idea was for him to stand in a bucket of water and he agreed to it

*stands majestically in a bucket*

ok but notice the trail of buckets behind him meaning he walked from the ocean through three other buckets of water before he got into the one hes standing in

It’s even funnier when you consider how he must have figured all this out in the first place.

Some folks are asking “well, if he can avoid the no-dry-land curse simply by standing in a bucket, doesn’t that ruin his whole motivation?”, but he’s not on dry land here.

The parley takes place on a sandbar - which, for the unfamiliar, is a temporary “island” of sand deposited by breaking waves, unconnected with the shore, that spends most of its time submerged, being exposed only at low tide.

What Jones is doing here is rules-lawyering his curse. Can you imagine the trial and error he must have gone through in order to determine that this would actually work?

“Okay, do islands count as dry land? How about parts of the shore below the high tide mark? Reefs? Shoals? What if I stand in a pool of water on a shoal? Does it have to be seawater, or will any water do? Does it have to be a natural tidepool, or can it be something artificial, like a bucket?”

What I am saying is that there must have been a process.

Pretty sure that this implies that the reverse - a bucket of sand, floating on the water (big bucket with just a bit of sand), would qualify as dry land. That’s absurd, so I’m pretty sure that his lawyer pulled a fast one over the curse governor.

It may be absurd, but the text of the film bears it out. Davy Jones can sense the presence of his heart while it’s at sea, but not while it’s on land (indeed, that’s why he buried it on land in the first place: to break his connection with it) - yet placing the heart in a simple jar of dirt conceals it from Jones’ awareness just as surely as burial on land does, even if the jar is on a boat at the time. Suitably prepared vessels filled with dirt absolutely count as dry land for the purpose of Jones’ curse.

Then the reverse should also be true. If he buried it in a jar of water, no matter how far inland it is, he would be able to sense it. So by this logic, any container of seawater counts as not dry land, ergo, the bucket is a perfectly viable loophole.

Not necessarily. It’s traditionally a lot easier to accidentally get whammied by a curse than it is to weasel around it - I figure that’s why he’s using multiple layers of indirection here. He’s forbidden to set foot on dry land, but it’s technically not dry land (it’s a sandbar, a non-permanent landform exposed only at low tide) and he technically didn’t set foot on it (he’s standing in a bucket of water). It’s entirely possible that either one of those things alone wouldn’t make the grade.

okay but this all raises one further, very important question: if it’s specifically “dry land” he’s forbidden from, what about wetlands.

can Davy Jones fight you in salt marshes? can he throw down in a peat bog?Swamp Battle?

This is the quality content I come to Tumblr for.

could he step on land if his shoes are wet?

No matter how ridiculous PotC gets I will love it. Especially when it results in conversations like this

What if he crawls around on his hands and knees, with his feet raised slightly into the air? Can he walk on his hands? Can he ride around in a litter or a wheelchair?

can he be in a wheelbarrow?

What if he flies over dry land? Like in a hot air balloon, or in the claws of a giant bird?

What if he’s carried by two swallows using a strand of creeper?

European swallows or African swallows?






elizabeth swan and will turner are actually SO romance in the first movie and not enough people acknowledged this because the early 2000s were the age of the edgelords who only valued jack sparrow’s moral ambiguity and that is the TRUTH

the part where she’s like “how many times do i have to tell you to call me elizabeth” and he shyly says “once more, miss swann” and once she walks away he gazes adoringly after her and whispers “elizabeth” to himself like he’s unworthy of it

then when he’s patching up the cut on her hand and she flinches and he says “i know, blacksmith’s hands… they’re rough” because he thinks that’s what’s bothering her HE KNOWS HE’S NOT WORTHY OF HER!!! THAT’S THE PINING I’M TALKING ABOUT BINCH!!! I DON’T ACCEPT LESS!!!!

he has like 10 chances to confess his love to her but waits until he’s dressed like this to do it: 


my man knows 1) the importance of a good outfit when shooting your shot 2) how to ACCESSORIZE. take NOTES.




my sexuality is keira knightley in pirates of the caribbean: at worlds end

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madi appreciation week - Tuesday (favourite quote)

And you believe what you will, but it was neither I nor Flint nor the Spanish raider who killed your w i f e.
T h a t, you did.

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Madi Appreciation Week: Friday - Most Empowering Moment

The voice you hear in your head I imagine I know who it sounds like, as I know Eleanor wanted those things. But I hear other voices. A chorus of voices. Multitudes. They reach back centuries. Men and women and children who’d lost their lives to men like you. Men and women and children forced to wear your chains. I must answer to them and this war their war Flint’s war my war it will not be bargained away to avoid a fight, to save John Silver’s life or his men’s or mine.

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“Everyone is a monster to someone. Since you are so convinced that I am yours, I will be it.”

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Ending a dramatic, tragic series on a joke that’s a) genuinely funny and b) connects in a meaningful way to the themes of the show is really A++, I mean honestly.


Reveal of the most iconic pirate flag of all time.

Jack Rackham: Meh.

@we-are-pirate, @we-are-scarlet-corsair

The crew’s banner is a sacred thing. It must simultaneously strike fear in the hearts of hardened men while inspiring and unifying all those who sail under it. It must be something approaching perfection. […] We all have the same swords out there, we all have the same guns. But great art has felled empires.

Jack Rackham / Black Sails S2E5: XIII


The Jolly Roger of Jack Rackham (1682 - 1720), aka Calico Jack.

@we-are-pirate, @we-are-scarlet-corsair

(via we-are-rogue)

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{black sails meme} characters: anne bonny
“I always thought he saved me from something. I’ve always been so fucking grateful. Then I wonder… Maybe Jack took me from something I was suppose to figure my own way out of. Maybe he took away the chance to get strong enough to save myself; to grow up.’’ 

April 24 2018

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Anne Bonny + hair porn

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When you see that look, you’re a dead man.

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Warm-up sketch of Anne Bonny because I’m still not over Black Sails. 

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progress cannot begin and suffering will not end until someone has the courage to go out into the woods and drown the damned cat 

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maxanor + otp tags

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i know we talk about it all the time but i genuinely can’t believe steinberg and co read treasure island, listened to all that talk about flint being the most fearsome pirate of the high seas, the monster to end all monsters, a man so terrifying his ghost lingered in stories years after he was gone–they took one look at him and went: Yah He’s Gay And That’s Why He’s Mad. like. what kind of god tier analysis 

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See I was dead when I woke up this morning, and I’ll be dead before the day is done.

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